Who we are

We are a full service advertising agency and brand consultancy with a desire to understand and reach your customers where they eat, shop and play… we offer everything  from brand naming to digital to smoke signals!

What we are about

We pride ourselves on our unconventional approach to today’s commercial opportunities and deliver (y)our message in a way that is hard to ignore. We only work with brands who genuinely believe they need to “stand out…or why bother?”

We deliver thunderstorm ideas within garden sprinkler (or monsoon!) budgets in a truly integrated fashion and believe in building a simpler more straightforward client/agency relationship.

Punktuate! is different...

  • Experienced – we have worked on many brands (big and small) in most sectors, across most territories, and we only accept new briefs where we truly believe we can add significant future value
  • Agile and flexible – senior-level access, no big-agency bureaucracy and fast-turnaround teams in London and Cape Town
  • Cost focused – we are a ‘virtual’ organisation, with a low-cost production facility in Cape Town and with a ‘work from anywhere and everywhere’ mentality (often at our clients’ offices). This combined with our charging methodology – ‘10% or less of your marketing budget’ ensures that working with us is simple, straightforward and highly cost effective
  • ‘Our brand’ centric – because we believe that building our own brand is as important as building those of our clients, and that, as a result of this, we will better serve our clients’ brands

Who we work with

  • Up-and-coming challenger brands
  • Restructuring brands with new owners
  • Dissatisfied established brands

The above may be ‘Owner-Operated’; ‘Private Equity/Venture Capital/Angel Investor-backed’ or even ‘Early-Stage Market Listed’ eg AIM

Current clients:

Some of our team

Ken Wright

Deon Hug

Simon Cooper

James Ringshall

Duncan Stokes

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