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The amount of rejected recyclable waste has increased in the UK significantly since 2011. Councils and government are spending large amounts of money sorting waste by hand, fining people who don’t recycle properly or on ad campaigns to educate people on what to do (see:

Instead of spending all this time and effort in ‘policing’ recycling perhaps it would be better to ensure that everything that is bought is recyclable and that all packaging can be recycled…a move in thinking from recycling to ‘precycling’?

Yes there will always be food waste which gets into the mix…but this is relatively easy to remove. And precycling will only work if policing moves from focusing on the customer to those providing the things we all throw away.

If precycling became the new norm then we would all only need one bin in our homes. One rubbish/trash collection. Single bins in public places instead of multiple choices!

Life would be simpler and more waste would be recycled instead of ending up in landfill. And councils and governments could meet their environmental targets significantly more cost effectively.

So here’s to #precycling, the next step in #recycling because there is only one world.