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Blue Apple? What could Tim Cook do next?

Apple’s Tim Cook is perhaps feeling a little blue after announcing results where a slowdown in iPhone sales, as the smartphone market matures, hit the numbers.

But as with all business cash is king and Apple has plenty of it.

Shareholders are being kept happy with a share-buy-back and life probably isn’t that bad.

So what should Apple do next?

Very simply it should buy The Ford Motor Company.

If I were Elon Musk that is what might keep me awake at night – a cash rich technology company with the ability to take over the lead in the electric vehicle transport revolution.

Why should Apple do this?

Ford is a safe company, a ‘clean’ brand, and most importantly it has significant global infrastructure – from manufacturing through distribution – things which Tesla is lacking.

If I were Tim Cook that is what would help me sleep better at night – acquiring a global innovation platform from which I could showcase Apple’s design, technology and usability credentials…