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‘Ouch…that must really hurt!’

We are all aware of the saying… ‘as easy as falling off a horse’…and in the best Hollywood western movies of old, you might have seen many ‘falls’, but how often did you see them ‘hit the ground’?. You are probably saying ‘always!’, but if you really think about it, the answer is…‘almost never’…why?… because the art of the cinematographer is in driving the viewer to imagine the impact, without actually showing it and by so doing allowing the viewer to interpret the results of the fall, in ways that are individually most impactful…it should also be noted that showing the ‘real’ results of a fall from a horse, would probably have resulted in a dramatic shortage of Stunt Men/Women for subsequent movies!

In our world of marketing and advertising, which continues to be focused on endless ‘show and tell’…ie ‘Here is my product and this is why it is best, blah, blah, blah’, in 30 sec TV commercials or print ads or interactive banners etc etc… is it not time for us to relook at the lessons from the above example and perhaps endeavour to…show less, tell less, while allowing more imagination, more interpretation, by our consumers, to do a better persuasion job for us.

If you ask most viewers of the movies above what they saw, they will tell you that ‘I saw him hit the ground… I felt that pain… Ouch, that must really hurt’…when in fact they experienced none of these things…but in their minds they did…and their minds tell them they did, again and again and again…

Imagine harnessing (sorry!) the power of this communication technique for say, a Pain Relief brand…hey, it might just work…Ouch!