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Sony Motors – the future for Playstation?

The Playstation has sold more than 400m units. It has 110m or so active users online. And on the platform , along with football and shoot ‘em ups, driver games are big business. It is where most people get their first experience of driving. People with money buy stuff both cars and consoles.

There are about 700m cars on the road around the world and around 600m people in the 15-19 age bracket ready to learn to drive.


Assuming the majority of people who bought or were bought a console then went on to buy or be bought a car chances are they learnt to drive, at leaset in part, on a Sony Playstation.


Makes you wonder why we still have steering wheels when most people learnt to drive on a game controller?

Ok – this is all fun and hopefully interesting but given the battle Apple and Google (android) are about to have for the last relatively unconnected space – the car, then given their heritage with young motorists, shouldn’t Sony be joining the race to become the platform for connectivity and control in the automotive world?